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S.Ruam Group was started from S.Ruamcharoen in Yaowarat (Chinatown in Bangkok) in 1972 as a supplier of dried seafood products serving food manufacturers in Bangkok. The business, steadily growing, was later expanded to include dried agricultural products and we broadened our customer base throughout the country. In 1996, S.Ruamthai Co., Ltd. was established to supply best quality products to the world market such as Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, the United States, etc. with international management standard including FSSC22000, GHPs and HACCP. In 2008, M.R.J. Foods Co., Ltd. was established to support the strategic sourcing for our sustainable growth. Later in 2011, Thanarak Interfoods Co., Ltd. was established to serve customer demand in Modern Trade.



S. Ruamthai Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of value-added Food Products for our customers both domestic and international.


M.R.J. Foods Co., Ltd. Importer of high quality raw materials worldwide.


Thanarak Interfoods Co., Ltd. Distributor of our innovative products through new distribution channels and modern marketing.



Good Hygiene Practices
Principles or methods of good hygiene in food production. It is the application of basic principles at various stages in the food chain to deliver safe and suitable food to consumers.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Production standards that prevent harm that consumers may suffer from consuming food through hazard analysis and harm prevention measures at each step of any activity.

FSSC 22000

Food Safety System Certification 22000
The food safety certification system is a food safety management system to ensure that food products are safe and has been recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

ISO 14001

Environmental management System
Environmental management system standards are standards for use in managing environmental problems for organizations to help reduce environmental impact.

Thailand Trust Mark (TTM)

A symbol of excellence and trusted quality that established the value of Thai products and services.


Halal food is food or food products that are approved by Islamic law for Muslims to consume or use.

Thailand Number

Numbers for exporting goods from the Department of Fisheries.


Automated Storage System

Investing in the Mobile Racking System to improve the productivity and increase the efficiency of our storage system. The implementation of Warehouse Management and Barcode System assists us with storage and Investing in the Mobile Racking System to improve Productivity also increased the efficiency of our system and proved itself to be invaluable. dispatching the products more precisely and quickly.

Solar Dome

Besides the modern manufacturing technology, we are also concerned with environment. Our Solar Dome can help fran Clpart the Modern manufacturing Technology, we are also concerned with preserving the environment. Our Solar Dome System helps us Produce Premium products with environmentally friendly, Clean energy.

Production Line

Raw materials are selected, conveyed into the manufacturing process and packed with up to date modern machinery.

Automated Scales

Raw materials are selected, then brought into the manufacturing process and packed with modern machines.

Automated Packing

Automated packing significantly improves our packaging process; flexible enough to keep up with frequent line changes and scalable enough to handle new products.

GPS Tracking

Our delivery trucks are equipped with GPS Tracking system to improve efficiency with logistics providing a reliable service to our customers.

Solar Rooftop System

S.Ruam Group would like to be a part in conserving energy consumption and creating a good environment for sustainable living. In order to conserve energy use, we have installed a total of 550 kilowatts of solar cells, which is a clean energy that can be used indefinitely, does not cause environment pollution, and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Awards & Achievements

SMEs Excellence Awards

Rising Star Award 2018

Rising Star Award 2018 Awarded to Mr. Narupon Tanaraksirithaworn

Commitment to Progress Sustainability Award

Commitment to Progress Sustainability Award 2018

Prime Minister's Industry Award 2015

S.Ruamthai Co., Ltd. has received the Prime Minister's Industry Award 2015 in the category of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.



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